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  • What exactly do I get as a HI PRO Trading Member?

    You get daily watch lists, access to the discussion room, access to trading course video lessons and ebook, real-time stock market analysis provided throughout the NYSE trading day. The watch list is sent to you via email, and/or TEXT and includes entry stop loss and target prices.

  • How will I be notified of new trade setups?

    All content is available within the corresponding, members-only area. Depending on your preferences, you can receive email notifications. You can also request TEXT notifications under Notification Settings.

  • What exchanges do you focus on?

    NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX exchanges.

  • What is technical analysis?

    In finance, technical analysis is a security analysis methodology for forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past market data(statistics), primarily price and volume. Technical analysts use charts to determine what’s likely to happen next with the price movement

  • What is Swing Trading?

    Swing Trading is a method of trading that attempts to capture gains within a period of 2-10 days. Generally, it’s easier and less risky than day trading. It requires less time and is suitable for traders who can’t devote themselves to watching the market. As swing trading aims to capture larger price moves than day trading, profitability can be higher.

  • What does a “Bull“ and “Bear“ mean in the stock market?

    In a bull market, there is an assumption that stocks will continue to rise in price, while in a bear market, the assumption is that stocks will fall in price.

  • What is Day Trading?

    Day trading is a method of trading in which individuals buy and sell shares over a period of a single trading day. The intention is to profit from small price fluctuations.

  • Do you provide options service?

    Trade-Ideas sent to members are mostly high volume stocks (from S&P500, NASDAQ 100 and DJIA indices) which means options can be easily used as leverage instead of stocks.