The Weekly Top 10: Lower-lows Ahead.

  • A major shift has taken place in U.S. foreign policy that will impact global markets for years to come.
  • The recent bounce in the stock market is a "dead cat" bounce and lower-lows are on the way.
  • Gold confirms a major long-term change in trend.
  • Key support levels for the S&P 500 if/when the next leg lower begins.

Shift from a "War on Terror" to an "Economic Cold War with China"

The U.S. has made a major shift in foreign policy...away from the "War on Terror" and toward an "Economic Cold War" with China. This means that the markets are not correctly pricing-in the chances that Trump Administration is going to push harder & longer for their trade demands . To find out what this means for the markets...and how investors should trade the markets over the coming days and here to subscribe to my newsletter.

The European bank stocks continue to fall out of bed

The action in the European bank stocks is eerily similar to how the U.S. banks acted in the 18-20 months leading up to the banking crisis of 2008. To find out just how glaring this divergence has become and what it means for the global markets, click here to subscribe to my newsletter.

Gold has broken out, but it's getting overbought

Gold has finally confirmed that its 8-year bear market is over. However, it's rally will not come in a straight line. Click here to subscribe to my premium newsletter...and find out where the yellow metal is headed over the short-term...and how to play the commodity over the intermediate and long-term.

"Beyond the Fundamentals Now" (

I have provided the headline for five of the ten points I discussed in this week's "Weekly Top 10" well as a snippet on three of them. To find out more about my work...and how I've been able to catch the three most recent major turning points in the stock market (late December, early May and early June), click here to subscribe to my premium newsletter, "Beyond the Fundamentals Now ( I've made key calls on individual stocks this year like TSLA, NFLX, GS, V, UNH, AVGO, MMM, CAT (to name just a few).......The fundamentals are always important, but for those who really want to maximize their profits, they have to look beyond the fundamentals!

Posted to The Maley Report on Aug 11, 2019 — 3:08 PM
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