Texas Instruments

Information Technology  |  Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment
199.07 -2.22 -1.1%
Stock Price | Oct. 22, 2021, 4 p.m.
Bid: 198.58
Ask: 199.15
Prev. Close: 201.29
52 Week Low: 141.33
52 Week High: 202.22
PE Ratio: 27.764296
Dividend Yield: 231.0%

Company Summary

Dallas-based Texas Instruments generates about 95% of its revenue from semiconductors and the remainder from its well-known calculators. Texas Instruments is the world's largest maker of analog chips, which are used to process real-world signals such as sound and power. Texas Instruments also has a leading market share position in digital signal processors, used in wireless communications, and microcontrollers used in a wide variety of electronics applications.

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