Humble & Fume

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Stock Price | Jan. 26, 2022, 3:51 p.m.
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Ask: 1.29
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Company Summary

Humble & Fume Inc is a cannabis distribution solution providing customer-centric services and accessories. It is a fully integrated cannabis distribution solution for retailers, Canadian licensed cannabis producers, American multi-state operators, and cannabis customers. Its products include Amethyst Crystal Pipe, Invincipole Replacement Screens, Replacement Bowl Screens, Invincipole Aluminum & Steel Downstem, MouthPeace Filter Refill Display, MouthPeace Full Kit Display, Unbleached Pure Wood Cones, Blend Unbleached Pure Hemp & Flax Cones among others. The firm operates in the segment in two geographical locations: Canada and the USA of which it generates substantial revenue from the USA.

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