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About Nicolas Chahine

I am from Main Street not from Wall street and I specialize in credit spreads. Prior to trading full time I climbed the ranks of the corporate finance world. Then in 2000, I branched out with an internet venture as CFO/COO. The efforts paid off well…

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Excellent !! Nic is a really dedicated trader, mentor, and always tries to help. He spends a lot of time in the chat group, posts a lot of trades and setups, also a lot of explanation videos, etc. Highly recommended and well worth the cost.

most humble and helpful

Nicholas Chahine knows his stuff and he is ready and willing to teach. He seems anxious to impart his knowledge. Thank you.

I am very much enjoying Nic's guidance, perspectives and instruction. He encourages questions and communications from the group which broadens our knowledge and understanding. He also has a no nonsense style and approach which I very much appreciate. I have become much more consciously competent in my options decision making AND more profitable since joining Nic Chahine's group.

Nicolas Chahine is dedicated to Create Income with Options Spreads. Some services provide recommendations, some provide education, some are available to answer questions by email, some are available in a chat room, some provide levels for stocks and indexes, some provide lessons on video, some provide updates on the market, some explain market developments. Nicolas Chahine provides it all! Some educators and market analysts speak with absolute confidence even though their predictions and analysis can be completely wrong. Nicolas Chahine will talk straight to you explaining risk and reward. Some attempt to sell with hype. Nicolas Chahine delivers in a straight forward manner. This service is a rare gem.

The method taught by Nic is easy to learn, and he is available to answer questions. Even though I've traded options for many years, I like Nic's approach to credit spreads. t is much easier to control your losses and to bank money along the way.

The chat room has too much "jargon" or undefinable acronyms that Nicolas carries on with a few "favorites. This week (last few days) have been good as they are the only times I have seen actual trades spelled out in "plain English" with the rationale and caveats given. I was able to take them after evaluation. If you are gearing your chat and your trades to ones who have been with you and understand your "jargon" then maybe a "newbie" like me should move on. As a newbie i mean to your site, not trading. I am an experienced trader. Period!

I enjoy subscribing to his service. I used it a few years back and didn't follow any trading plan and blew out my account. Now that I'm more disciplined and following his rules almost to a tee (there are times I might waver just a little,) I have been quite successful. I would recommend his service to anyone. Food for though for anyone using his service or trading in general, start small. Trade one lots until you are comfortable and then trade bigger or according to account and money management. That was my weakness the first time around. My own fault though.

have not yet done any weekly trade; still under review and study. Will give you review after a few trades. thanks.

I cannot Because I asked for a little help 3 weekso ago and have not heard from you. Again, how do I get started with your trades. Thanks

Nic is sharp and obviously enjoys sharing that knowledge. He seems to enjoy his members' triumphs as much or more than his own. Tons of info and education.

Appreciate Nic's guidance in trading. It is best to know when not to trade - thats where most traders including myself lose money. Nic's timely tweets and updates helps us to remain patient. the site is pretty easy to navigate and the chat rooms gave me no technical issues at all.. thanks

Very poor.

love all the updates. nic is easy to work with! worth its weighy in gold!

This service started out great. Nic with out question knows the market inside and out and knows all the levels and could day trade with this knowledge. This service is also for people who have a lot of money and can wait many months to collect there profit. Nothing wrong with that. Thats great but not for everyone. Recenlty Nic has not been sharing information opening and closing trades without informing us and has led to many blow outs in the room. Many are leaving for this reason including me. Nic also disappears from the room for an hour at a time. Once in a while sure no problem but when the market is correcting? Come on man! I have been with this service for about 8 months and I would like my money refunded. I am now with another service where I trade right along with the head trader, they are actively involved, Nic is not. Many members have contacted me with the same complaint. The best trade for me is to get my money back after 8 months that is a good amount of money. That would be a winning trade for me.