SecretCaps Announces Synergistic Partnership With Sujan Lahiri

SecretCaps is thrilled to announce an exclusive, synergistic partnership with Sujan Lahiri, a seasoned MicroCap investor. Through this partnership, Sujan's actionable MicroCap reports, content and trades will all be made available exclusively for SecretCaps members only.

Current members, as well as new members, will enjoy the benefits of both Tom and Sujan's MicroCap research. Tom and Sujan share similar investment philosophies and share in researching several current top plays including AcuityAds and Direct Insite.

Through this synergistic partnership, MicroCap investors have a one-stop for extensive research and actionable investments on the most undiscovered companies.

Sujan's BIO:

Sujan Lahiri has developed a passion for the stock market at a young age. He was only 16 when he open an account. Not knowing much about financial markets at the time, he lost more often than he won. But he didn’t gave up, and learned numerous lessons over time. A couple of years ago, he figured out that the micro-cap space, a space riddled with price inefficiencies, is the most attractive part of the stock market to focus on as an individual investor. His specialty is to spot the ‘hidden gem’, the undiscovered micro-cap stock trading at a deep discount to what’s fair. These opportunities provide a big edge for becoming a winner in the market, on a consistent basis. By embracing and implementing this investment philosophy, Sujan has substantially outperformed the market since then.

But spotting the right micro-cap stocks takes a lot of time, wisdom and effort. The micro-cap universe is enormous, so deciding between companies takes significant time and effort. By screening the market on a daily basis, reaching out to CEO’s, sifting through financial statements and analyzing all other relevant info out there, Sujan does all the work for you and is therefore able to hand you the best risk/reward plays.

Sujan's Background:

Sujan's Personal Blog

Sujan On Seeking Alpha

Sujan On Twitter

Interested members can take advantage of SecretCaps by joining now!

Disclosure: This content is strictly informational and is not investment advice. Do not trade or invest on behalf of this content.

Posted to SecretCaps on Oct 06, 2015 — 12:10 PM
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