Mobileye Keeps Going Higher + Chinese Stocks Staying Hot! MBLY, CYBR, PANW, AMBA, BIDU, YOKU, SOHU, NFLX, QIHU, WBAI, WB, SINA, DANG, NTES

Last week, I wrote an article, titled "Buy Mobileye NOW!!", beseeching you to buy MBLY as soon as possible. MBLY today popped another +4.69%, and, we once again locked in our gains as high as +53%:

My Ecstatic Plays portfolio value keeps climbing, and it is now up +37.2% for 2015 and +211% (more than tripled) in the past 365 days!

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I also recently wrote an article on 8 stocks (click here to see the article) that have been very strong. Every one of those stocks (including AMBA, PANW, CYBR, and FEYE) have gone higher since the article! (Click here to join my service and see what we are trading!)

China Stocks Staying Hot!

QIHU received a buyout bid to take it private today for $77/share. It popped more than +6% to close at $70.15. Cybersecurity stocks have been hot, and, QIHU is big in the arena in China, not to mention its also got a search engine. I think QIHU goes higher tomorrow.

Alibaba announced over the weekend that it will launch into streaming video business. BABA owns at least 16.5% of YOKU. I think YOKU has a good potential to get bought. YOKU was up +4.85% today. BIDU gained +2.2% today and closed at $209.5. Its iQiyi video streaming subsidiary has hit 5 million subscribers as of June 15. SOHU, which also has a streaming video service, went up +4% today. NTES reached a new all-time high at $154.88 today. NTES makes online games and has a working relationship with Activision Blizzard (ATVI), and, it is expanding into the US. We often hear about the US companies wanting to expand into China. Well, NTES is already here and has opened up its first US office in California. NTES is going to be huge! DANG jumped +12.55% today, on QIHU's buyout news. I really like DANG and think that it could easily go over $15 in the next month or two.

M&A activities in China are heating up. Online darlings are among the top targets! We recently saw SINA's CEO buying up mover $600 million worth of SINA stock. SINA's Weibo (WB) also have been trading higher. WBAI have been trade higher after Tsinghua Unigroup International Co., Ltd took a stake in the companyTsinghua Unigroup International Co., Ltd took a stake in the company. More deals will surely come.

We are keeping some VIX calls in our pocket as the drama in Greece is still making this market nervous. Come join our trading community and see what we are trading!

Good night and HappyTrading! ™

Posted to Ecstatic Plays on Jun 17, 2015 — 7:06 PM
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