Weekly Wrap-Up + Market Forecast + Sector Watch: SPX, Nasdaq, FAS, BTK, FXI, HGX

The market had a tremendous week, with Nasdaq closing above 5,000!  Stocks jumped on Wednesday, after the Fed promised to "not be impatient" in raising rates, even though it took out the words "patient" in its latest statement.  SPX is back above 2100 and the Dow is above 18,000.  

We also had a nice week.  In both of my products' portfolios, we made nice trades.  Here are the closed trades for "Ecstatic Plays":

Our plays on QIHU, BIDU, MYL, and GS calls did very well.

For my "Happy Trades" portfolio, we scored on CRM, SNDK, QIHU, JAZZ, KITE, and MYL calls:

For the week, the Dow was up +378.34 points; SPX added +54.72 points; Nasdaq gained +154.66 points.  Oil was basically flat, closing at $46.5/barrel.  Gold bounced higher, nearly $1185/ounce.  At the time of this writing, Asian markets were mostly higher.  Let's see where the US markets closed on Friday:


On Friday, SPX added +18.83 points to close at 2108.1.  Its 10-day MA turend up and so did its MACD.


Nasdaq gained +34.04 points to close at 5026.42.  Its daily MAs and MACD moved higher.

Both SPX and Nasdaq closed strongly last week.  What's interesting is that RUT (Small Caps), or Russell 2000, is even stronger.  SPX and the Dow still look neutral.  For the new week, the upwards momentum from last week should carry through.  We'll have to see if SPX and the Dow can make new highs.  Financials will be key.  Housing, interestingly enough, could be breaking out.  Energy stocks still have not turned bullish.  Chinese ADRs could see some buying.

Sector Watch

FAS (financial)

I think financials could break out in the coming week.  I like GS, BLK, and STI.

HGX (housing)

HGX, the housing index, is pushing on its daily upper BB.  I'll be watching TOL, KBH, WHR, and LEN.

XLE (energy)

Energy stocks don't necessarily need to go higher for rest of the market to keep rallying.  But, it would be good to see them stabilize.  If XLE can rise above $78.5, it will be really good.  I'm watching EOG, SLB, APC, APA, OXY, CVX, and XOM.

FXI (Chinese ADRs)

FXI could get interesting.  China is rallying strongly.  SOHU shot up on Friday.  NTES could see more bounces.  I still like BIDU and QIHU, maybe even BABA.

For tech stocks, semiconductors have already broken out.  MU is lagging, so, I'll be watching it in the the new week.  Internets and software are also lagging the rest of techs.  Biotechs may need to see a breather after the recent run-ups.

Good night and HappyTrading! ™

Posted to Ecstatic Plays on Mar 22, 2015 — 2:03 AM
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