Saturday Review's recording (for 2/28/15)

In this weekend's Saturday Review we discussed the blow-off top pattern we've been tracking for weeks-to-months. We discussed this week's topping signal and its confirmation(s). We discussed the past two sessions' weakness. Then, naturally, we discussed why another rally leg is likely. Stock chart analysis requests from subscribers were done during the session's last 45 minutes.

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Accompanying chat:

David B: good morning

Mark : hi

Gail : good morning

Mark : Would u expect the topping process to continue for a few

more days since u do not expect a close under 2100 on Mon?

Gary : The biotech sector has been very strong, what do you think

of IBB?

Mark : could u please repeat the answer to my Q as I had to


tamara : please review gold and oil please


Mark : ok

Mark : CPLP - still looking for 10?


Mark : Euro longer term - looking lower perhaps on par with


Gary : breaking 342 or 335 would give direction?

David B: earnings this week too much optimism?

David B: greeting it from strength?

David B: tues

David B: before

David B: open

Gary : AMGN is 7% of IBB.


Gary : the divergance between IBB and two of it's largest holdings

is very interesting.

David B: earnings on thursday

Mark : Euro longer term Q above


David B: does 77 need to be tested?

David B: is a bottom in?

David B: what level a closed below would be a concern?

Gary : I never thought of using Fib. retracement this way. how did

you come up with this?

David B: not sure

David B: maybe because of MNST earnings

Mark : Euro Q

tamara : gold and oil

tamara : great Thanks so much Rod. Extremely helpful.

Mark : merci beaucoup

David B: thanks

Gary : Thanks

Posted to Rod David's Futures Market … on Feb 28, 2015 — 11:02 AM
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