10/07/2021 Recap - members only

7 minute video as to what comes next. Don't miss it (simple and important)
Thursday note: Strong day stringing 2 together going into the JOBS report tomorrow.
While that outcome is binary let's focus on what matters: Who is in control of the price action: Buyers or Sellers?
Why is that important? A market top is a PROCESS not a moment. A key element is watching CONTROL.

The major concern for markets now is if that BEHAVIOR has changed (goes towards control).
- They were buying dips for over a year (BTD)
- Are they now going to be selling rips into Christmas? (STR)
- There isn't a trend yet.... but that's the risk and what we are looking for: I call it CONTROL (of the price action).
- Here is the SPX visual to it

The video is not only a great summary and guide for the price action

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