3 Days Left on my Special Offer for Banking on Profits in 2018

The Banking on Profits Main Portfolio has averaged 17% since inception while the market has returned right around 13% over the same time frame. We have NEVER had a losing trade in the portfolio. Not One.

Our Monthy Community Bank Stock Investor Services portfolio of Focus Picks has averaged 24% since inception. We have never closed a loser here either.

The portfolio of very small banks I call Bonus Banks has averaged 30% since we started it two years ago. Once again, no losing trades

So far in 2017 we have had 14 takeovers in our portfolios with triple digit gains in most of those bank stocks.

We took less risk than owning an index fund to acheive higher returns.

Normally I charge $1000 for Banking in Profits and that includes the monthly Community Bank Stock Investor Letter. You could also just buy the Monthly Letter on its own for $199 but then you do not have access to bonus picks or the main portfolio. Whatever you choose it is a fantastic deal given the low risk high returns I have delivered for members over the past 4 years.

It's the Holidays. I just had my first grandchild so I am in a really good mood. Whatever the reason, I am going to offer a Holiday deal for Banking on Profits plus the Community Bank Stock Investors for just $499 for the first year.

Just go Here:


Use coupon code bopfor499 to get Banking on Profits and The Community BanK Stock Investor for just $499.

Act fast. This offer will not make it to New Years before I close it.

Happy Holidays


I look forward to having you as a member in 2018 and beyond

Posted to Banking on Profit on Dec 28, 2017 — 8:12 AM

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