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Give yourself a raise! Nic Chahine will cover half the cost of his 'Mastering Credit Spreads' education course because he's that confident in his process. He'll teach you:

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"Highly informative, Nicolas is obviously very knowledgeable in his field. I appreciate his openness and honesty in a group, that takes some humility. He is very responsive to questions and has a strong desire to communicate each trade, risks, rewards and managing the trade."

-Jonathan L.

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Up until the late 90's Nicolas Chahine climbed the ranks of the finance world reaching the CFO levels. Then in 2000 he branched out with an internet venture as CFO/COO. The venture paid off well enough to allow him to start my own fund and pursue his passion: the stock market. Since then, Nicolas have been honing his skills profiting from market investments like the ones he covers here.

Nicolas consider success when he can identify an opportunity, gauge the risks involved, then finally set it up to yield its maximum potential.

In addition to his trading skills, Nicolas feels that his diverse background (Electrical Engineer with an M.B.A.) gives him an edge: his engineering degree serves him well when it comes to technology related trades (most of our world is technically based these day); His Mediterranean background gives him an edge in geo-political issues that will affect almost every trade; Nicolas' graduate degree gives him the ability to assess macro issues and their impact on our financial world.

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"Nic's responsiveness goes far beyond a 5 star rating. He never leaves a question unanswered and his response is almost immediate, even during the midst of trading and often even after trading hours. Almost like having a private tutor. Beyond that, I am profiting nicely following his spreads. He is very safe so you can make a steady monthly income following his trades and advice."

- Walter N.

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